Cheapest Colleges in Florida

Widely recognized for its sunshine and beaches, Florida also offers a number of cheap educational options for students who are attempting to pay their way through school. Many of the smaller state schools are affordable and will provide excellent academic foundations. Broward College costs $1,810 per year. Santa Fe College and Pensacola State College are also good bargains. While the former costs $1,840, the latter’s tuition is around $1,954, putting them both among the cheapest colleges in Florida.

Many of the state colleges offer a range of different degrees, and students can study the natural sciences, life sciences, liberal arts, or engineering. Several of these schools do not cost much more than $2,000 for the academic year. Gulf Coast State College comes in at $2,042, and Palm Beach State College is right behind it at $2,304. Folks who wish to go to school in the Miami area can enroll at Miami Dade College for $2,365. Some public institutions cater to specific fields of study. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, for example, is known to prepare students for technical careers. It costs $3,100 per year.

Private institutions, which are not beholden to the state, are somewhat more expensive than public universities. The cheapest private colleges in Florida are Jose Maria Vargas University ($4,488) and Hobe Sound Bible College ($4,912). Students who want to become ministers can attend a religious institution. When they emerge with their degrees, they will be ready to lead their chosen churches through the perils of modern life.

When it comes to online education, Florida National University allows students to get their degrees on the Internet. Many young men and women choose to study business or finance. Because online colleges provide flexibility, students can work regular jobs during the day. After they have obtained their business degrees, they can begin to move up in the world.

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