Cheapest Colleges in New York

New York has long dedicated itself to providing affordable educational opportunities for its residents. The cheapest colleges in New York are at the City University of New York (CUNY), which oversees a number of schools. The CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College costs only $3,068 per year. CUNY Bronx Community College, on the other hand, costs $3,104. Other branches can be found in Brooklyn, Bayside, Long Island City, and Manhattan. All in-state tuition rates are under $3,500.

Apart from the community colleges, there are a number of state schools that rank among the cheapest colleges in New York. The State University of New York has campuses in Binghamton and Albany. Tuition at these schools is almost exactly $6,000 per year. The state also offers a number of superb nursing schools. The Memorial Hospital School of Nursing and the Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing are both $6,754 per year. Students who graduate from these institutions can immediately slide into rewarding jobs in the medical field.

Cornell, Syracuse, and Iona are private universities that nevertheless offer scholarships to qualified students. The best applicants might even receive tuition waivers. High school students who have impeccable grade point averages and excellent standardized test scores can receive the financial assistance they need to attend Cornell or another similar college. Cornell and Columbia, in fact, are both Ivy League schools that do everything in their power to attract the best students.

Students who are not attending the CUNY schools can still find some affordable public institutions. The University of Buffalo can be attended for around $6,218 per year. Stony Brook University costs $5,760, and Morrisville State College comes in at $5,728. The state’s public education system is one of the best in the country. Most students who study hard and make smart choices will come away with a four-year degree from the Empire State.

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