Cheapest Colleges in Texas

The average tuition for enrollment in a Texas college is around $35,000, but this estimate can vary. The cheapest colleges in Texas provide a variety of financial aid resources to students in addition to competitive tuition schedules.

Cheapest Public Colleges in Texas

• The University of Houston – This college offers different tuition prices to resident and non-resident undergraduate students. The former can expect to pay around $10,000, and the latter can expect to pay around $20,000. Graduate programs are priced according to a per-unit schedule, and some fee waivers are available.

• Galveston College – The tuition for in-state students is $1,414, and the tuition for non-resident students is $2,314. Some fee waivers may apply.

• University of Texas – Degree programs require students to take a specific number of credit hours, which are priced at $155 per credit hour.

Cheapest Private Colleges in Texas

• Northwood University – Although the cost of attending this college is around $21,000, it is still well below the average price in the region.

• Texas College – This institution offers equally low tuition rates to students regardless of where they live. The cost is just under $4,000 annually.

• Wiley College – The annual tuition cost is just below $9,000 for this university, but this estimate does not include books or other expenses. The college estimates that 95 percent of the students receive some form of financial assistance.

Cheapest Online Universities in Texas

• Kaplan – The cost of online enrollment is approximately $11,820.
• Everest University – This college offers one of the lowest online tuition rates at around $10,944.

All public, private and online learning institutions also offer a variety of scholarships and other financial aid. The total cost of attendance includes books and other expenses, so the final price is a function of the total aid package.

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