Can a Student Get Multiple Minors?

Multiple Minors in CollegeCan a student get multiple minors while in college? While it is no secret that many students pursue multiple majors while in school, not many students brag about getting a double minor. However, it is possible to do so. Let’s look at what a minor is and how you get one.

What Is a Minor?

A minor is a concentration in a certain area of study that is less rigorous than a major. In certain majors, a student may need to complete an internship as well as other requirements to be recognized as having completed the major. According to a New York Times article, minors are becoming as popular as double majors as students try to master multiple subjects as students try to get ahead of the pack in career searches and future education goals. Most schools typically only require students going after a minor to complete standard credit hours. Generally, a minor consists of 60 percent of the number of credit hours that it takes to finish a major. Therefore, if it took 15 credit hours to complete a major, it would only take nine credit hours to complete a minor.

It May Be Impractical to Get Multiple Minors

While many classes may offer credit to students in multiple majors, students may not be as lucky when it comes to their minor. In many cases, a core class may not be counted toward your minor like some core classes can with a major. This means that you need to find time in your schedule to take extra classes to fulfill your minor requirements.

Employers May Not Care About a Second Minor

If you do get a second minor, is it going to be worth putting on your resume after you graduate? The answer to this question often stops students from getting that second minor and instead focusing on one minor and a second major.

Will Multiple Minors Help You Academically?

You also have to ask yourself if getting a second minor is going to help you out academically. The reason why students get a minor is to supplement what they learn in their major. For example, a communications major may decide to minor in sport studies, because that student wants to be a sports broadcaster. The minor in sports studies teaches the student more about a specific topic within a broader field.

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You May Need to Declare a Second Minor

Adding to the difficulty of getting that second minor is the fact that you may need to declare that minor ahead of time. This can make earning the minor harder in the fact that you have another decision that you have to make before you really know where you are going. Scheduling a class with the hopes of getting that second minor could harm your chances of graduating on time if you decide to change your major later or you decide that the second minor isn’t for you.

You Could Get Enough Credits By Accident

It may be possible to get that second minor by accident depending on how your schedule works out. If you have not declared another minor and you notice that you have enough credits to qualify for it, ask the school if they will recognize it.

Overall, the answer to the question of can a student get multiple minors is a tricky one. It depends on what a school’s policy is, whether or not a student can earn enough credit hours to qualify and if the student decides that there is value in trying.