Are There Any Online Colleges That Offer a Free Laptop With Tuition?

With as many colleges as there are offering online coursework you have to wonder why any would offer the incentive of a free laptop to close the deal. It’s a good question to be sure, but one that comes with a logical answer. At first the idea might sound cheesy, silly even, but when you consider the phenomenal opportunities being made available today via online learning, there are probably few incentives that would make more sense. Face it. It’s not a Cracker Jack toy, and in terms of making everything available that may be offered through an online school there are few things that match their ability to bring everyone up to speed better than a computer that is common to everyone. This article summarizes those colleges who offer online coursework and a free laptop to boot.

Ursinus College  (Collegeville, PA) Located 25 miles south of Philadelphia, Ursinus College is a small private institution with an excellent reputation for excellent traditional as well as online courses emphasizing many different academic programs. Laptop computers are issues to everyone, regardless of their status, student or faculty.

Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA) Chatham University is ranked in the top five percent of graduate-intensive institutions nationally, only one of its many distinctions earned over the history of the school. Chatham University issues laptop computers to students enrolled in online programs as well as certain academic specialties.

Centeneary College (Hackettstown, NJ) Centeneary College is a private, four-year institution offering a wide variety of academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Free laptops are issued to traditional students only and must be returned by matriculation.

St. John’s University (Queens, NY) St. John’s University features four campuses in the state of New York as well two more campuses in Italy and France. Students can choose from a large number of study programs. All students who enter as freshmen or transfer students are issues a laptop computer to use while they attend the institution.

George Fox University (Newburg, OR) George Fox University is a small liberal arts Christian college offering 40 undergraduate degree programs, 12 master’s and doctorate degrees, and five seminary degrees. All students are offered a choice of an iPad or a MacBook upon their entry to George Fox University.

Northwest Missouri State University (Marysville, MO) Northern Missouri State University prides itself on a nationally recognized reputation in terms of both the quality of the educations offered as well as the high percentage of students who graduate. The school features undergraduate as well as graduate programs as well as those for foreign and veteran students. Textbooks and a laptop are included with the payment of tuition.

Westworth Institute of Technology  (Boston, MA) Located right in the heart of downtown Boston, Westworth prides itself not only on excellent academic programs, but its cooperation with the surrounding community to provide learning support for students. Westworth provides all full-time students and faculty members with a laptop computer.

Obviously, although all of these institutions give free laptop computers to students, and in some cases even faculty, they are not in the business of giving away computers. It should also be obvious that different schools have different rules that cover ownership of the laptop, maintenance, and guidelines for its return. Following the rules will make your experience a happy and fruitful one.