Are There Special Scholarships for Homeschooled Students?

There are more than 2 million homeschooled students in the nation, and this large number creates a need for special scholarships for homeschooled students. If you are a proactive parent who is extremely involved in your child’s education or a homeschooled student ready for college, you need to study all of the funding options that are available to you so that you do not break the bank paying for college.

Many parents save for 10 or more years so that they can afford to pay for the rising cost of tuition. Unfortunately, even a large savings is often not enough to cover all of the expenses. Instead of taking out private or Federal student loans, consider the advantages of applying for scholarship opportunities that target all students or homeschoolers specifically.

Finding Scholarships Through Your State

Your state sets home schooling laws and also has their own Individual State Education Association that offers financial assistance and resources for families. The very first place that you should look for scholarships that are just for homeschooled students is through the association in your state. Before you can apply for these type of scholarships you must have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file. Once you do this, your financial need and other demographics will be reviewed to see if you are matched to certain scholarships. You may not qualify for merit scholarships but there are other awards for low-income students, minorities, and unique student populations.

Searching for National Homeschooling Scholarships

After you have reviewed the association’s offerings, the next step would be to search for national opportunities. You should always check with local foundations and state associations first because the competition is not as serious. When you apply for a national scholarship that is not specific to a region, everyone that meets the eligibility requirements can submit their application. This means that you have to stand out in a larger pool.

The best way to find national opportunities is to use a searching database that organizes awards into categories. You can use a search tool, specifically looking for scholarships for students that were homeschooled, and then read through the description of each award. Many homeschool organizations and educational foundations have begun to give out annual awards. Knowing how to find these renewable awards is key.

Scholarships Open to Traditional and Not-So Traditional Students

If a homeschooler is college-bound, it does not disqualify them from the standard awards. In fact, many programs encourage traditional and homeschooled students to apply. The awards are not specific to students that were homeschooled, but they are specific to students who have the potential to succeed in college. Review a list of the best scholarships that are open to homeschoolers who demonstrate financial need, community service or merit so that you can see all of the opportunity.

College can get pricey when you do not have a large chunk of money to pay for tuition. For parents who did not prepay for semesters or open a savings plan, scholarships become much more of a priority. You may assume that homeschooling is a set back around college application time, but as it becomes a common option it is perceived well. With a little research, you can locate those special scholarships for homeschooled students and begin to write an impressive student admissions essay.

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