Can I Earn a Bachelor’s Degree Online from a School Located Outisde the US?

Earning a bachelor’s degree is one of the best ways to increase your earnings potential and progress faster through your industry, but you may wonder about earning that degree online and even attending a school located outside of the United States. Going to a foreign country can help you finish your program faster and even save on tuition, but you need to keep in mind that a foreign college may lack accreditation and not have a very strong reputation in America. Though you can get your degree from a foreign college online, you need to weigh different factors before enrolling.

Reasons to Attend

Devon Haynie, a writer for U.S. News & World Report, points out some big benefits of attending a foreign college. Haynie points out that these schools offer similar bachelor’s programs as American colleges do but give students the chance to graduate in three years instead of four. Haynie claims that these schools also charge less in tuition, which lets you save money on tuition. You may also have the chance to learn more about international topics, which can impress employers when you begin hunting for a job.

Accreditation of Foreign Colleges

Accreditation is a process used by American colleges to let students know that the college takes their education seriously. The Higher Learning Commission is one of the main accrediting agencies, and it has regional branches that are responsible for the accreditation of colleges in different parts of the country. Unless you attend a college with regional accreditation, you cannot get financial aid like students loans or even grants. Some scholarships may not be valid either. As foreign colleges usually do not have American accreditation, you may find that you spend more money to attend because you cannot use the same amount or type of aid.

Global Ranking

Before enrolling in an online college based out of another country, check the global ranking of that school. ARWU and Times are two different groups that rank colleges based on factors like graduation and job placement rates, the history of its professors and the overall happiness of students. If a foreign online college does not have a general ranking or a ranking for the program you want to enroll in, you may want to keep looking. Though rankings can change each year, a college without a ranking may not offer as many opportunities as a local college.

Classes You Take

You should also look at the curriculum of the program before you enroll and compare the required courses to those of an American online college. Certain programs like nursing and teaching require that you do field placement work. You’ll need to spend at least a semester working in your field to gain more experience. Online colleges based in the United States can help you find opportunities through their networks in your area. With an online college based overseas, you may get little help finding those opportunities. The program may let you graduate without doing any field placements, which won’t look good to prospective employers.

You definitely can get your bachelor’s degree online from a college abroad, but you should compare classes and look at the ranking of that school before you enroll. Make sure you weigh the benefits of earning a bachelor’s degree from an online college outside of the country against the possible issues too.

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