Can I Get a Communications Degree Online?

Communications is a field of study that deals with how people interact with each other, and while most colleges offer this type of degree program, you can also get a communications degree online. Online degree programs are great for people of all ages. You can earn your communications degree from home while your kids are young, work on classes during lunch breaks at work and even complete a degree when you lack the transportation required to get to a local campus. Before enrolling though, you may want to see what you can do with the degree and the type of classes you will take.

What Can You Do With a Communications Degree?

As communications deals with the way people communicate with each other, you can use your degree in a number of different fields. You might use your skills as you work in a public relations job or in the advertising field to make people sit up and take notice of people, products or companies. Some individuals work in journalism and use their skills to become better writers. You may even decide to go to graduate school and earn a higher level degree in order to teach others.

Online Courses

When you enroll in a degree program that culminates in a bachelor’s degree in communications, you’ll need to take both required courses and general education courses. The general education courses include any classes required by your state and often are classes in math, life and social sciences and the humanities. Communications courses may include those on media writing, public relations and research into communications. Many colleges require that you earn a grade of B or higher in all required communications classes to remain in the program. You may also have the chance to do an internship.

Types of Degrees

Before you can get a communications degree online, you need to decide on the type or level of degree you need. An associate’s degree is the beginner level and lets you get a better understanding of the field of communications. You can then go on and complete a bachelor’s degree in communications or change your major to a related subject. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you might enroll in a graduate program. Online colleges sometimes offer communications degrees at both the master and doctoral levels.

Choosing the Best Online College

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to select the best online college for your needs. U.S. News & World Report writer, Kelsey Sheehy, recommends looking at statistical information, including the completion rate among students and the number of students who defaulted on their loans. A higher rate of defaults might indicate that students could not use their degrees after they graduated because they did not develop the necessary skills within that program. Online colleges that have a high drop out rate or low completion rate are often those that do not offer the support and assistance that students need.

A communications degree can help prepare you for working in journalism, for a nonprofit organization, in a government agency and in a wide range of other fields. While many colleges offer these degrees, you may find that you prefer the convenience that comes when you get a communications degree online.

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