Can I Get an Education Degree Online?

Online Education DegreeCompleting an education degree online has a number of advantages for convenience, flexibility, and time for all students to consider. An increasing number of universities around the country, both primarily online and traditional schools with online options, are adding to the options for prospective students interested in entering into the field of education at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Education

Many of the programs for online education degrees at the undergraduate level are designed to prepare students to enter into classroom teaching positions at the early childhood, elementary, or secondary level. Students in these programs complete a number of courses specific to the education level in which they are pursuing a career, and secondary education teachers also complete advanced coursework in a specific subject area such as science or mathematics.

Core major coursework often includes courses such as educational theory and foundations, child and adolescent development, instructional models, assessment methods, classroom management, and cultural diversity issues in education. Some programs also offer options for working with specialized areas within a district such as reading specialist, special education, or gifted and talented studies.

Online Master’s Degrees in Education

There are also a number of options for students holding a bachelor’s degree to obtain an advanced degree in the field of education, including for classroom teachers. Many graduate online education degree programs are focused on other areas of education in addition to the options designed for classroom instruction preparation. Some common options for master’s degrees at the graduate level include education and public policy, education administration, cognitive studies, instructional design, curriculum design, teacher leadership, reading curriculum and instruction, and educational technology.

For any field of education, finding the right program and an accredited university program are essential for future employment and recognition by other institutions. Additional information on areas of education and accredited institutions can be found at the National Education Association website.

Field Work, Classroom Observation, and Student Teaching

In addition to classroom study, students who are pursuing online education degrees in early childhood development, elementary education, or secondary education will also complete a number of hours in classrooms. Universities work with individual school districts around the country to place students in classrooms for field work and classroom observation as well as to complete the student teaching required for state certification.

Certification and Licensing

The online programs in classroom teaching help to prepare graduates for the certification and licensing examinations that are required by individual states once a degree is completed. In addition to the state licensing, students also have options for obtaining specialized certifications through many online programs for areas of education outside of classroom instruction, such as school leadership.

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The field of education offers many possibilities for career paths from teaching in a classroom to administration or curriculum design. Whatever area of education a future graduate or undergraduate student is looking to enter into, there are a number of quality, reputable, accredited institutions to choose an education degree online.