Can You Get a Computer Science Degree Online?

Computer ScienceAs the increasing demand for qualified computer science professionals continues to grow, so do options for finishing a computer science degree online. Online options allow for students to complete course work in a more convenient format, and all types of students from traditional to non-traditional can benefit from the advantages of graduating from an accredited online program at prestigious universities with a computer science degree at the graduate or undergraduate level.

Computer Science Undergraduate Online Curriculum

At the end of graduation with a bachelor’s degree, computer science specialists will have a number of skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, analysis and research, programming languages, and the ability to collaborate on various projects. In order to develop these skills and build the expertise required to effectively run, design, and maintain various systems and components, computer science students start with a core group of classes, and then move on to advanced major course work.

Some of the courses a computer science major will take at the undergraduate level include discrete mathematics, basics of computer programming language, technical writing, and various other mathematics courses. After building a foundation of fundamental skills, major course work is likely to include algorithms, computer architecture, data structures, systems programming, and object-oriented programming.

Computer Science Graduate Online Curriculum

Computer science degree online programs are also available at the graduate level. Often, companies and organizations will prefer or require a master’s degree for management and upper level positions. Possible courses include network security, analysis of algorithms, computation theory, cryptography, artificial intelligence, design and construction, and application security. Graduate students intensively study areas in architecture, operating systems, and programming languages in order to be prepared for many different career options.

In addition to the course work, students are also often offered opportunities in externship and internships. This enables students to gain experience in the practical application of the processes and techniques learned during classes. Additionally, many graduate programs also offer opportunities for students to complete specializations.

Concentrations in Computer Science

Along with the regular curriculum in a computer science degree, students also have options for completing a concentration in a specific area of the field to best prepare for individual career goals. Online programs offer many of the same options as on-campus instruction. Some of these concentrations include machine intelligence, programming, software engineering, cyber security, information systems, computer graphics, and computational science. In many online concentration options, students complete between 12 and 18 additional credits of course work in the specific area. Additional information on career specializations can be found at the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology website.

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The increasing opportunities for experts and specialists in all areas of computer science are expected to grow, making it one of the top fields to enter into, and completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree is often a requirement for most positions. With a computer science degree online, graduates are able to gain the skills needed in order to qualify for a variety of careers in the computer science field.