Can You Get a Degree in Marketing Online?

marketing degreeStudents wondering if they can pursue a degree in marketing online will be glad to know that marketing is actually one of the most popular online degree programs at online universities across the country. Marketing has long been a popular field for online learners, since it allows them to pursue internships and entry-level jobs in the field while learning advanced print and online strategies for promoting companies of all kinds. These programs do come with some unique considerations that do affect learning outcomes, but being prepared in advance will help students make the most of their online education and help them enjoy a long and rewarding career in the industry after they graduate and earn their degree.

Be Prepared to Devote Several Hours to Each Online Marketing Class

Many students think that studying the marketing field online will be easier and require less time, since they won’t need to attend lectures in a classroom throughout the week. The absence of a classroom requirement certainly makes the program more flexible, and opens up a bachelor’s degree even to those students who already maintain a full-time job and can’t fit campus attendance into their schedule. Despite this, online marketing programs do require a significant amount of work in each class.

Students should expect plenty of online discussions, writing assignments, videos and slideshows, and even videoconferencing sessions, to make up for the lack of traditional classroom attendance. Most professors advise setting aside at between three and five hours of study time throughout the week for each class taken at the undergraduate level.

Concentrations are Often Available and Always Recommended

Online degree programs operate much like those based on campus, but don’t require classroom attendance. As a result, most of the top online marketing programs offer students the ability to specialize their degree by choosing a related concentration. This concentration helps them pick appropriate elective credits as they advance into upper-level coursework, and helps them focus on a specific area of the field where their talents will be best utilized. The most popular concentrations in today’s marketing environment include social media marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, digital advertising, and marketing management. Each of these fields takes advantage of the latest trends in marketing itself, as well as the latest developments in the organization of marketing departments and the execution of strategy by third-party professionals.

Work Hard and Enjoy Honors Societies, Dean’s List Distinction, and More

Since┬áthese marketing programs are structured much like their offline counterparts, students who perform well will receive virtually all of the same honors. With a high GPA, students can expect to be named to the Dean’s List, invited to a collegiate honors society, and granted graduation honors on their diploma. All of these things also help boost marketing students above their competitors in job interviews, which can be an asset in an economy that has been inconsistent over the past several years.

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Plenty of Online Marketing Programs Are Available to Today’s Students

Marketing is one of the most popular areas of business, driven by developments in social media and search engine promotion. For those who specialize in persuasion and strategy, this can be a really great field with plenty of long-term potential. Best of all, the popularity of this field makes it easy to find a rigorous degree in marketing online that will fit into tight schedules and allow students to complete the program on their own terms, according to the Open Education Database.