How Do I Choose a College Major?

How Do I Choose a College Major?When you enter college, you might be shocked to learn that you are not immediately required to choose a major. While you might be in a hurry to declare your major in order to begin taking the required curriculum, it is best not to rush. When you are studying for a four year degree, you have two years as a full-time student to complete your general education requirements.

Since you have not yet been immersed in the college experience and the different types of coursework that will help you discover your passions, it is best not to jump the gun. In fact, statistics show that as many as 50% of first-year students enter school undecided and about 70% will change their major after enrollment. Choosing to change the major you have been studying for can lead to delays and additional tuition fees. This is why you need to learn how to choose your major right the first time. Here are some tips on how to choose one out of hundreds of majors.

Narrow Your Options and Choose One You Are Comfortable With

To really make the wisest personal choice on which major is best for you, you need to determine what your long-term goals are, what type of setting you enjoy working in, what holds your interest, and what you are passionate about. In addition to your own skills and goals, you need to consider the projected demand in certain fields and the estimated salaries you might earn as you climb the ladder. Review a list of the majors by college and department to see which is practical, and then making a choice with your narrowed list will be easier than you might think.

If You Are Having Trouble, Take a Career Assessment

If you are still having trouble deciding where you feel like you would have the best opportunity for success, you should seriously consider taking the Myers & Briggs Personality Test. This test was created to help individuals identify their personality type and how they perceive things and judge situations. It will also help identify what type of work you are best fitted for and what types of positions are ideal for your personality type. You can take this test for free and learn about yourself while you are researching a well-suited major.

Will You Be Able to Make Changes if You Discover a New Option?

You do have the right to change your mind when you are in school. If you have started to take coursework and discover you really do not like what you are studying, you might want to switch to a major where the content engages and interests you. If you plan on studying for a Master’s (please see: Cheapest Online Colleges for Master’s Degrees 2014), you may not even need to make the switch. In some cases, the courses you take for your original major will satisfy requirements to take advanced coursework in a new subject area.

Career planning is one of the most intimidating things you can do. The decisions you make will affect your entire life and you should not be hasty with your choice. Jot down a list of options, research the occupations you will be qualified for, and then you can choose a college major that will make perfect sense.