How Do You Know If an Online School Is Accredited?

Online School Accreditation If you are asking the question “How do you know if an online school is accredited?” you can easily find the answer by using the Internet. Before you start searching for accredited online schools, it is important to realize just how important legitimate accreditation is. There are several different accreditation agencies that assess and evaluate programs who voluntarily apply for accreditation.

The legitimate agencies are recognized by both the U.S. Department of Education and the Council of Higher Education Accreditation. Other agencies that are not recognized by these bodies should not be considered legitimate. By choosing an online college that is accredited by a recognized agency, you have peace of mind in knowing that you can put your degree to work once you graduate. Here are the steps that you can take to make an informed decisions before applying to an online school.

Check the Accreditation Status of a School Through the U.S. Department of Education

Accreditation can be a very confusing subject if you are not familiar with the way that it works. Many people assume that the Department of Education is the agency that evaluates programs and schools, but that is not the case. The Department simply qualifies accreditation organizations to ensure that the bodies are granting credentials in an unbiased way. While the Department does not grant accreditation, their database of programs and schools that are regionally or nationally accredited will help you find which agencies have granted accreditation to a specific school.

If you have a short list of online schools that you would like to attend, the best way to narrow your list is to search for each school by name on the Database of Accredited Institutions list, found on the US Department of Education website. You will need to have the schools exact name and the type of program (undergraduate or graduate) to use this database. Once you search by name, the database will show you which agencies have granted the school accreditation. You can also find more detailed information on the status of accreditation and when it will renew.

Search For Online Schools on the Database

If you do not yet have an online college in mind, you may be wondering how you can start your search by accessing a list of accredited colleges that serve students in your area. You can use the same database to do this, but be sure that you perform an advanced search so that you will be given a list of college names. To perform this search, you need to select Search by Accredited Agency, select the Distance Education and Training Council Accrediting Body, select your state, and the schools that make the cut will be listed. Once you have a list of colleges that are licensed in your state, you can then do further research to decide which school is right for you.

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It is not difficult to find out whether or not an online college has been granted accreditation. Be careful of trusting information on a school’s website without verifying it. Some schools, known as diploma mills, will make up their own accreditation body to make their programs sound more legitimate. Only attend schools that have been granted credentials from a body in the database.┬áNow that you know how to find out if an online school is accredited, you can start to find the right school for you.