Is an Online Degree Cheaper Than a Regular Degree?

Online DegreeAs high school graduates and adults consider alternatives for a higher education, many will wonder if an online degree is cheaper than a regular degree.  In a time when tuition costs at traditional college campuses are skyrocketing, an online degree may appear to be an inviting prospect. In general, this will be the less expensive way to go as well.

It’s All About Looking at the Big Picture

According to US News and World Report, pricing varies when it comes to online degrees, and this holds true for typical college campuses as well. When it comes to in-state, public tuition for undergraduate classes, approximately 300 colleges across the country were reviewed and it showed that online degrees were slightly more expensive by roughly $30. However, out-of-state and private education costs were less when students chose to pursue their studies online. Even when you consider the slight increase in cost for an in-state, public online education, it’s important to remember the considerable ways that students save by opting to use the Internet. They do not need to commute, which saves money with the high price of fuel. In addition, there is no need to eat out while on the go. Many students choose online degrees for the flexibility it provides them in scheduling. When restricted by the offerings of a traditional campus, many students may have to extend their studies to fit all of their classes in around a busy lifestyle, resulting in a much greater expense in the long run.

Students Need to Be Selective

Before you sign up for an online degree, Edudemic sends out a warning to be cautious. Beware the cheapest school you find. Pursuing a college degree should not involve pulling a name out of a hat. You need to do your homework and find online programs that have a reputation for excellence. While many students may in fact find that they have saved money by attending online classes, they have a rude awakening when they go out into the real world and try to enter the job market. With the great flood of potential employees who have gone the online route, many employers have become skeptical of the true merit of an online degree. This especially holds true for shady online colleges that are simply diploma mills, churning out students without the skills needed to perform their jobs adequately. Employers are looking for colleges with a solid reputation that precedes them. The good news is that many brick and mortar colleges that are recognized for their excellence also offer online degrees. In addition, many colleges devoted to providing an online education have received recognition. Looking for an online institution should be done the same way you wold choose schools when enrolling in a typical university. Take the time to know what you are getting out of an online college.

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You Get What You Pay For

In the end, if a particular online program seems too good to be true, you can’t count on that school as being reliable. Weigh your options and don’t go by the cheapest bidder. It is possible to find a good school with an online degree. Now that you know if an online degree cheaper than a regular degree, you can make the right choice for you.