Is it Wise to Wait a Year After High School Graduation to Go to College?

Is it Wise to Wait a Year to Go to College?Is waiting a year after high school graduation to go to college a good decision, or will it set you back? Many high school students and their parents are asking a similar question as graduation approaches. As you search for an answer to this question, you must consider your career goals and whether or not waiting could be beneficial to helping you achieve these goals. You also need to understand why delaying college has some financial benefits in certain scenarios. Read on, and find out if you are one of the many graduating from high school that may want to delay college for a year.

Financial Aid Benefits

Parents and high school students alike worry about the cost of college when they are the ones who will be paying for tuition fees or student loan payments (please see: What is the Average Student Loan Debt?) . The idea of paying for college outright seems nearly impossible, and this is why there is financial aid available to families who financially qualify. The federal programs available are undergoing serious changes as more and more people enroll in college.

These programs will make more money available to students in upcoming years as they are enforced, making the choice to delay your student career a good option. In addition to this, there is an advantage to waiting for families who have students who are close in age. If it takes just one year for two students to be enrolled in college at the same time, you may get special tuition discounts or financing rates.

The Benefits of Maturity When Attending College

Many parents would not believe that several educators who work in high school and college settings tout taking a year gap so that students have time to experience the world and mature. All too often, parents assume that it is best to jump right out of high school into college so that students do not become lazy or lose information they would retain. Actual studies have found that going right from high school to college can be damaging because students see college as a simple extension of high school and it could not be further from that.

When you take the time to wait a year and live life as a contributing member of society, you become more of an adult. You can take a step back and learn why you want to go to college. The generic answer of “getting an education” is not enough when it comes to choosing the right major or degree. By taking a year off to travel or get structure in your adult life, you can discover what you can get from college before you choose your classes. This is when you will get the most from your post-secondary education.

Exploring the world while you are young is great, but you should always have a plan in place to be sure that you have a solid place to start your student career. Many schools have the option for students to apply and then delay their enrollment for a year once they are approved. By doing this, you can experience new things and find who you are as an independent person before you are expected to be an independent learner. As you can see, waiting a year after high school graduation to go to college can be a great choice when you are not absolutely sure what you want to do.