What are the Most Popular Bachelor’s Degrees to Earn Online?

Research by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) reveals that the most popular bachelor’s degrees include business, health care, social sciences, psychology and education. It is safe to logically conclude that popular online bachelor’s degrees will share similar titles. Below introduces some of the most common degrees offered through distance education programs.


A degree in business administration is one of the most popular choices for both online undergraduate and graduate students. The majority of these online business administration programs are for students who want to start their careers, improve their skills, stabilize their incomes and create new opportunities for employment. Some online business programs offer intensive internship and weekend training programs. Flexibility is one reason why business degrees are so popular. This means that students may choose a concentration in finance, marketing, accounting, management or human resources. Classes train students in legal issues, best practices and organizational and communication skills. These useful classes will increase employability and competitiveness for job hunters.

Health Care

Nursing assistant and RN nursing degree programs are popular because these two health care jobs remain high in demand. Most online nursing degree programs are designed for students who already have an associate’s degree in the field of health care or for those who have a few years of relevant work experience. Many online schools offer transfer credit opportunities that recognize previous work experience. Many online schools will require program applicants to already possess a Registered Nurse licensure degree admission. Online nursing degree programs teach students about planning care, implementing orders and evaluating services for patients.

Social Sciences

The social sciences include history, economics, sociology and political science. These humanities and liberal arts degrees allow students to pursue broad career goals and learn transferable skills for different jobs. A social science degree will improve writing, analytical, communication, critical thinking and cross-cultural skills. A liberal arts degree will enhance marketability for a wide range of industrial, educational and managerial careers. For example, a history degree may qualify an individual for a legal or political related job. On the other hand, a political science degree may qualify job candidates for employment with local, state and federal government agencies.


Psychology is one the more popular degree programs for online and on-campus students because it also offers academic and career flexibility. These degree programs may offer specializations in social, cognitive, personality, counseling, biological, experimental and industrial-organizational psychology. A general online psychology degree will help students understand psychological behavior, theories and development. Students will learn about current theories and how to apply them in public, private, business and industrial settings. Students will explore the physical functions of the body, so they will understand the primary mechanisms of behavior, but they will also learn about the social and subconscious factors that shape the human experience.

In addition to the above degrees, there are many other popular bachelor’s degrees that students earn online. They include degrees in education, engineering, programming, graphic design, computer science, information systems and criminal justice. With such a variety of degrees now available to earn online, students are sure to find one that fits them and their career goals.

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