What Can I Do with a Degree in Economics?

If you have a head for math and a love of numbers, you may be considering a degree in economics. Before starting your degree, you may want to look at what you can do with it. Many graduates with a doctoral or graduate degree in economics work as economists for leading companies, but other jobs are open to those with a bachelor’s degree. What you want to do with your degree and where you want to work will determine whether you may need to earn a higher degree or obtain some type of certification before applying for a job.


One career path that might interest those who love numbers is accounting. While you might think that you need an accounting degree, you can actually use your bachelor’s degree in economics to enter this field. Among the highest paid accountants are those who specialize in certified public accounting. You will need to pass the CPA examination before working as a CPA, but you must attend at least five years of college before sitting for that test. Most students go to college and then take the exam halfway through their graduate studies. You may find work as a tax preparation specialist with just a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts are professionals who work for corporations and companies of all sizes. Analysts are the ones responsible for setting a budget and then determining any issues companies may have with that budget. They can also work as consultants and come in to offer support when a company has a hard time sticking to its budget. To create a budget, analysts look at factors like how much money employees make, operating and overhead costs, the price of products sold and advertising costs.

College Professor

The passion that you have for economics can do you well as a college professor too. Community colleges and technical schools place just as much importance on experience as they do education. If you published articles in the past and worked in economics for a number of years, you might become a professor without going back to school first. Those working in four-year public and private colleges often have a graduate or doctoral degree. You can also look over the requirements for getting a teaching license in your state to teach economics at the high school level.


Working an an economist is something else you can do with a degree in economics. Economists keep track of current and past market trends to predict what the economy will do in the future. They often spend a large amount of time conducting research and publishing their work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median salary among economists is nearly $100,000 a year and that this profession will grow by 6% by 2024. The need for economists with more education may grow at a faster rate as more students enter the workforce with just a bachelor’s degree.

Economy is a field of study that looks at economic trends and the economies found in regions, cities and countries around the world. Whether you have a bachelor’s degree or go on to graduate school, there are different things you can do with a degree in economics, including working as an economist or a college professor.

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