What Degrees are Easiest To Obtain Online?

Online DegreeThough there are plenty of options for students who prefer to earn their degrees via virtual classrooms instead of traditional ones, the easiest degrees to obtain online are in a relatively select group. That’s because the most common online programs are those that don’t require supervised internships, student teaching experiences, and hands-on learning in order to convey the necessary concepts. For those considering their options in advance of choosing an online education program, there are several options that will be easy to find at both large and small distance education schools.

The Business Field: Easy to Find Almost Anywhere Online

Business programs are easy to find at virtually all online schools, since they don’t require special certification, supervised internships, teaching experiences, or a great deal of hands-on instruction. It isn’t just business administration and management programs that are easy to find, either. In fact, virtually every business-related pursuit has a degree program available through distance learning. That includes finance, accounting, management, human resources, marketing, and economics. All of these fields will give students an opportunity to learn basic business principles and advanced, degree-related skills without heading to a local campus and sitting in a classroom.

The Liberal Arts: Another Great Choice for Distance Learners

Like business programs, liberal arts degrees don’t require in-person instruction or practical experience. This makes them prime for online degree programs at today’s leading universities. Students who are interested in political science, history, English, literature, psychology, and sociology, can easily find one of these programs in an all-online format. Many schools even offer minors in these fields so that students can combine their liberal arts interests with other programs in business, the health professions, and many other fields.

Health Professions: Some Online Programs Do Exist for Today’s Students

It used to be virtually unheard of for health-related degrees to be offered online, but a wide array of new programs seeks to unite the convenience of online education with the necessity of health skills and lucrative occupations in this sector. Perhaps the most popular online program in the health professions is public health, which seeks to teach students the importance of working with the public to further government health programs and new initiatives. Other popular online programs include RN to BSN degree options, where students turn a two-year nursing degree into a four-year Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Allied health and medical billing are other popular options in this field.

Computer and Information Science Degrees Are Also Popular

A final area rich with online degree programs is the computer and information sciences. Students with an interest in technology can pursue online degrees in computer science, information technology, management information systems, network security, and network administration. These programs are among the most challenging in an online format, since students will have to practice computer programming and computer hardware skills on their own time, in a home office space that might be quite limited.

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Great Options Exist for Dedicated Online Learners

There are lots of great degree programs available in an online format, and the number of options seems to increase with each passing semester. From computer programs to business degrees and even the liberal arts, today’s students can match each of their interests to a program that furthers their career and fits into an existing schedule. According to US News and World Report, when looking for available programs, simply remember the categories that hold the easiest degrees to obtain online and look for reputable, affordable institutions that offer the best combination of academic rigor and prestige.