What is the Difference Between a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts?

Bachelor of Science VS Bachelor of ArtsIf you are comparing degree programs, you may be wondering what the real difference between a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts is. This is a common question that is posed by prospective students and even current students who have not yet selected a major. If you are looking at a specific major and you would like to know what the difference between a B.S. and a B.A. program majoring in a specific discipline would be, read on and learn about the differences and the similarities so that you can choose the program that will work best for you.

The Primary Difference Between a B.S. and a B.A.

A Bachelor of Science degree, often written as B.S., is a program that will generally focus more on science and math courses. To graduate from a Bachelor of Science program majoring in virtually any field, you will need to complete more lab work and statistics courses than you would if you choose a B.A. program. Most of the time, a B.S. program is selected when you are majoring in a discipline within the science spectrum or if you plan on working in research.

A Bachelor of Arts degree has more of a focus on liberal arts courses within the general education requirements. Rather than taking a heavy course load full of math and science electives, you will take courses that are focused around humanities and arts. In some cases, you may also be required to study a foreign language to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree. If you would like to work in a field where a second language can help you advance, this may be the best path to take.

Which Degree Program is Best For You?

When you are trying to determine which program is best for you, you must consider how the curriculum will help you once you graduate. Because the main difference between any B.S. and B.A. program is the curriculum focus, it is important to consider what path you would like to take following your graduation so that you can make the right decision while you are in school. If your strong suit is math and science, maintaining a high GPA while earning a B.S. could be easier for you. If you do not plan on conducting research or entering a field where math and science are crucial, a B.A. could be best.

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Is One Preferred Over the Other?

It is only natural to wonder if taking a Bachelor of Arts program will reflect negatively on you when you apply for a job. While a Bachelor of Science is a must in some fields, like engineering, a B.A. is considered equally desirable in the employment world. It is best to consider your strengths in math, science and writing, and select a program where you can build your skills.

The key to choosing the right degree program is to select the right major the first time. According to NBC News, more than 50% of students who have declared a major will switch their majors during their college career. If you are switching between a B.S and a B.A., it can prolong your student career. Learn the difference between a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, and select the right course work to fulfill requirements so that you do not have to switch majors.