What is the Difference Between a Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science?

What is the Difference Between a Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science?If you want to work with computers and technology, it is important that you learn the differences between a degree in Information Technology and Computer Science so that you enroll in the right program. While each program focuses on helping develop a robust skill set that can be used to develop computer hardware and software, the coursework that is required to earn your degree from one to the other is very different. It is important that you compare the programs before you begin the application process so that you can get accepted into the one that matches your needs the best.

Understanding Degrees in Computer Science

Computer science is a discipline suited for scientists. Since computer science majors are actually defined as scientists who invent and manipulate systems and information, the focus of a computer science degree program will be primarily on the theory of computational algorithms and applications. The curriculum that a future computer scientist will take will be focused on getting the skills needed to talk to computers in a digital language. The field is very heavy on mathematics because that is what programming languages are all based off of.

The actual curriculum that you will take when you study for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science will be dependent on the school that you attend, but many are reputable programs accredited through associations like the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Some of the common courses that you can expect to take include: Human Computer Interaction, Web Design, Programming, Data Analysis, Robotics, Algorithms, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Database Systems and Logic Design of Computer Systems.
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Understanding Degrees in Information Technology

Computer scientists are the creators of technology and information technology (IT) professionals are the users of technology. Knowing this may make it a bit easier for you to understand how the focus of a computer science and information technology degree differs. Information technology is about utilizing the operating systems that already exist and building networks that allow clients and users to interact. Degree programs help students study database design and network design to solve system problems.

The curriculum that you study when you pursue an accredited degree in information technology is not focused on building systems but instead on troubleshooting programs and applications. It is best to go with a school accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education. Some of the common classes that you will be required to take for an IT degree include: IT Fundamentals, Web Development, Network and Security, Scripting, Business of IT, Data Management, Operating Systems, Technical Writing and Leadership.

Which Degree is Best for Your Career Goals?

Each degree serves a different purpose. If you want to work in software development, computer engineering, computer programming, computer analysis or in the administration of network systems then earn a degree in Computer Science. If you would like to work more in careers like consulting, application development, web development, software development, you should go for a degree majoring in information technology.

There is a growing demand for professionals in all fields of technology. Be sure to compare the demand from title to title and look at salaries as well. After you compare the duties to your strengths, you can choose a career. Then you will need to look at the differences between a degree in information technology and computer science to make a wise choice.