What Kind of Jobs Can I Get With an Art Degree?

It’s time to consider your college major and if you love being creative, you may be wondering what kind of jobs you can get with an art degree. Or perhaps you already have your art degree and are feeling a little daunted about what to do with it. If either scenario sounds like you, you’re likely not alone in your concerns. Many creative people wonder if they should pursue a more practical field than the arts, and sometimes even those who have studied art wonder how to best apply their talents.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts

Most of the time, when you hear the word “art” you think of visual arts. It helps to remember that there are different kinds of arts that you can study. Painting is certainly one artistic field, but you can add drawing, sculpture, animation, graphic design and even fashion to that list. In general, however, many people who want to study either visual or performing arts end up getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. Alone or in conjunction with a concentration or another major, this degree can prepare you for a number of different types of job in the field of art.

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Teaching Art

Some artists can obviously make a living selling their artwork, but that may not always be true right away. If you’re seeking some job security while continuing your creative efforts, or if you feel strongly about passing on skills to others, you might want to consider a job teaching art. This kind of work could take a variety of forms. You might work as an art teacher in a public or private school, offer private art lessons through a studio, or even work as an art therapist. If art therapy interests you as a career, there are graduate degrees you can get, following your BFA, that will help you pursue that goal.

Museums, Galleries and the “Business” of Art

Even if you aren’t ready to mount an exhibition of your own work, other artists need talented and educated help to do so. Working in an art gallery may be a good job for you. If you have enough business skills and acumen, you might even find yourself owning and operating a gallery! Business skills could also help if you decide to become an art salesperson, either helping museums and other organizations sell art prints to the public or working for a business that sells art supplies to other artists. Similarly, an interest in art preservation might lead you to want to work in a museum. You will likely need to go on for a master’s degree if you hope to become a curator, but it could be fascinating work.

These are just a few of the many possibilities that are open to someone with an art degree. Some options will require further schooling beyond your bachelor’s degree but some may not. There are many other jobs you might pursue as well, including book designer, event planner, illustrator, fashion consultant, jewelry maker or art critic. Thinking through the kind of jobs you can get with an art degree may feel daunting, but fortunately if you love art, you’re the kind of creative thinker who can find your way forward in this challenging field.