What Types of Jobs Are Available With A Business Degree?

Business JobsA business degree is one of the most diverse types of degrees currently available. Even if you stop with an undergraduate degree, you’ll find plenty of companies willing to hire you and management trainee programs designed for people with a degree in business. At the graduate level, you can choose a concentration in marketing, finance, economics, accounting or another topic that increases the jobs available to you. Regardless of which degree type you have, you’ll find that you have many different options.

Human Resources Manager

The human resources department is one of the most important departments of any company. This department is responsible for ensuring that all workers follow the rules laid out in the company handbook and that workers feel safe. Human resources managers run the entire department and they perform tasks that only managers can. When the company has openings available, managers post those openings, go through the applications they receive, interview potential workers and negotiate salaries and benefits packages with those new employees.

Education Administrator

Some of the types of jobs available with a business degree are in education, including at public and private high schools and elementary schools and at colleges. Education administrators work in various departments of those schools. They work with the school to obtain grant money and donations to keep the school running and work out problems between two or more employees. Administrators also work with the school’s budget to ensure that the operating costs remain low. They may also give interviews when needed, take care of the hiring and termination of workers and negotiate with insurers and other companies that work with the school.

Food Services Manager

Though some restaurants promote workers and hire managers from within, getting your business degree can help you find a job as a food services manager. Food services managers work for fast food and sit down restaurants, but they also work for conference centers, event centers and hotels. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food managers earn a median salary of $47,960 a year. In addition to hiring new employees, food services managers also ensure that workers are up to date on food and safety regulations, create the weekly schedule for the restaurant and order the food and supplies needed each week.

Small Business Owner

Many of the students enrolled in business programs dream of one day running their own company. While you can find management positions and other types of jobs available with a business degree, you can also use the knowledge that you learn in the program to open your own business. As a business owner, you’re responsible for the daily operations of the company. Until your business grows large enough that you can add different departments, you need to hire new workers, take care of the advertising of your business, work with your customers to keep them happy and order new products and supplies.

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Earning your business degree lets you seek employment in dozens of different fields later. Many business school students open and run their own companies, but you’ll also find food services managers, education administrators, education administrators and other types of jobs available with a business degree that you can apply for after you complete your program.