What Types of Jobs Are Available With a Sociology Degree?

Sociology is a wide field. The term itself refers to the ways in which people interact within a society or organized structure. Sociology examines human behavior and the way that it is influenced by societal factors such as religion, government and social norms. There are a number of jobs available with a sociology degree. A bachelor’s degree provides a wide base for future specialized studies, and many career paths in the sociological field do require an advanced degree.

About Sociology

Sociology itself is a science, specifically a social science that covers a number of disciplines. Archaeology, anthropology and linguistics are fields that are closely examined through the broader lens of sociology. Areas examined through sociological study include criminal deviance, social movement, social class and evolution of a people.

Skills Needed

To be successful in the field of sociology, one must possess certain qualities, characteristics and skills. These include recognition of trends or patterns, strong critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, research ability and an aptitude for planning, among others. Jobs available with a sociology degree require an understanding of and interest in people, above all.

Sociology Jobs

Sociology is such a broad field. There are a number of positions that can be obtained through the study of this discipline. Let’s discuss some of the most common.

Sociologists work in the field of corrections to help develop an understanding of the ways in which laws affect behavior and to contribute to the development of programs and regulations to assist prison populations. Sociology lends itself well to careers in education also. Combined with a teaching certificate, holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology can teach high school courses in political science, history or social science. A PhD will qualify you to teach at the college level.
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Sociology is an ideal foundation of study for those in the counseling and mental health fields. An understanding of how people interact and function allows counselors to better treat their patients. Journalism is another profession that benefits from a degree in sociology because, when combined with strong communication skills, stories can be told in a manner that resonates with populations in particular geographic areas.

Professionals with a sociology background are valuable to politicians because they can often study voting patterns in a particular area, along with the kinds of matters that are important to a constituency, in order to advise those running for office. This insight can help politicians win elections.

Sociology lends itself to research. Corporations, brands and academia all rely on accurate insight into the human psyche and experience in order to increase sales, market products and conduct experiments.

As you can see, the number of jobs available with a sociology degree abound. There are many more than those covered here. In fact, any position dealing with people can benefit from sociology. That is why it is such a popular and versatile field of study for anyone interested in the human experience and understanding people more thoroughly.