What Types of Jobs Can I Get With a Degree in Information Technology?

A degree in Information Technology (IT) helps to prepare one for a number of jobs in a high growth field. Advances in IT have enabled organizations to perform activities at rapid rates, and they have contributed to improvements in product and service quality. For example, mobile computing devices, which are set to outpace traditional personal computers in terms of sales, have expanded opportunities for e-commerce and customer care. IT systems like enterprise resource planning tools help supply chain managers to deliver quality products to the appropriate places at just the right times. IT degree programs allow students to develop the problem solving skills and technical expertise in areas like software systems and networks that make them valuable assets to IT project teams right after they graduate (please see: Cheapest Online Colleges for Bachelor’s Degrees). However, IT professionals who want to have access to the more challenging jobs in their chosen career field often take continuing education courses and gain certifications. Here are examples of jobs for which IT degree graduates qualify if they continue to gain work experience and pursue professional development opportunities.

IT Cloud Architect

Today’s businesses rely on the latest software tools to help them to build quality products, deliver valuable services and respond to the needs of customers in the most efficient ways possible. These same companies generate a great deal of transactional data that they need to store for accurate record keeping and marketing strategies. It used to be that a company would have to purchase costly servers and licenses to keep up with their competitors. However, cloud computing allows businesses to pay for virtual storage space and the use of shared software tools which reduces their costs of doing business. IT cloud architects assess company requirements, recommend cloud computing products and organize the way in which company employees access and use the products.

IT Sales Manager

IT professionals who have worked on a series of projects that consistently use a specific type of IT tool often gain deep knowledge about that particular IT resource. These people may be prime candidates for IT sales management positions if they have acquired leadership skills during their careers. IT sales managers need to have a combination of technical and interpersonal skills for success. They must understand the unique features and limitations of their products and how their products integrate with other popular systems. The ability to establish challenging yet achievable sales goals, motivate subordinates, and communicate with all types of stakeholders are also traits of successful IT sales managers.

IT Project Manager

When an organization’s senior leaders decide to acquire or build a new IT system for a department or an enterprise, they choose project managers who can deliver the product according to cost, schedule and performance requirements. These managers are often responsible for planning project phases, directing system modifications and overseeing integration tests. Besides a degree in information technology, IT project managers often take specialized project management training that leads to industry recognized certifications.

Careers in IT are expected to grow at some of the highest rates of all career fields, according to labor department surveys. The jobs available in this career field often pay well, and households that have wage earners who work in IT careers report incomes that are usually much higher than national and state averages. Also, a person with a degree in information technology can usually find IT related employment anywhere in the world.