What Types of Jobs Can I Get With an English Degree?

English DegreeWhat types of jobs are available for people with an English degree? College students who love to read and write are often hesitant to earn a degree in English because they are worried about their future job prospects. But, earning a degree in English hones skills that are increasingly valuable to today’s employers. English majors learn to read and research a topic, analyze multiple sources, formulate cohesive arguments, and communicate those arguments clearly and persuasively. These talents translate into several career possibilities.

Jobs in Journalism and Publishing

Perhaps the most obvious careers for people with English degrees, jobs in journalism and publishing require the ability to convey information clearly and accurately to an audience. With their research skills, English majors can flourish as reporters. They might also find their niche as writers providing either fictional or nonfictional content for traditional publishing formats like magazines and books or in newer, evolving fields like blogging. These same fields also require editors with the ability to polish and shape the content being provided by their writers.

Jobs in Public Relations

An article in the Chicago Tribune about jobs suitable for people with English degrees described public relations as “the strategic, marketing-based cousin of journalism.” Public relations professionals create press releases, company publications and social media content to publicize and market their employer. They must be able to communicate information plainly and concisely to a variety of audiences, including the general public, industry professionals and the news media.

Jobs in Marketing

Marketing requires identifying strong selling points and communicating them both clearly and persuasively to potential customers. Copywriters combine creative writing and marketing to create advertisements. In a similar manner, content writers provide businesses with online content designed to reach their customers. Some content writers work in the field of business-to-business marketing, using writing to sell products to other companies for resale. Other content writers specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These SEO content writers merge traditional advertising tactics with knowledge of SEO techniques to provide businesses with articles, blogs and other forms of online content that will be effective as online marketing.

Jobs in Technology

As technology becomes more and more present in everyday life, so too does the need for clear, easy to follow instructions on the use of that technology. Technical writers use words to form a bridge between the engineers who designed a technology and the everyday people who will use it by writing manuals and other support information. They must be able to take complex concepts and translate them into simple, easily understood information.

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An English Degree as a Stepping Stone

Attorneys, librarians and several other careers that require a graduate level education rely on the same skills developed by pursuing an English degree. Earning a bachelor degree in English is an excellent stepping stone that prepares students for the additional studies these careers require. An academic career, either as a secondary school English teacher or as a college level professor, may also require an English degree.

In today’s increasingly digital world, employers need to employ people with strong skills in research, analysis, writing and communication. This means that people with an English degree can choose between many types of jobs as they begin their professional careers.