5 Most Popular Online College Degrees

Online college degrees are excellent opportunities to pursue higher education. With today’s advanced technology, it is now easier than ever to find an accredited school and earn a degree online. Online college degrees provide many benefits, including convenient access to classes no matter your location and providing the skills necessary to enhance your career. A look at some of the most popular online college degree programs can help you navigate these opportunities and take your career to the next level.


Accounting is one of the most practical online degree programs available. An online accounting degree program offers courses in financial statements, income taxes, accounting fundamentals, economics, and corporate finance. A career in accounting offers great opportunities to earn a solid income in private corporations or public organizations. Accountants monitor the financial health of a company, oversee business transactions, and manage the annual accounting cycle. With online undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting, students receive adequate preparation and earn the credit hours required to complete board exams and become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Students can also take additional courses, earning specialization as Certified Management Accountants or Certified Internal Auditors.


Online nursing college degree programs offer fantastic opportunities to jump-start your career in healthcare. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing remains one of the most promising career paths in the coming decades, with job opportunities expected to rise much higher than average for all occupations. In an accredited online nursing program, you will receive training in courses necessary to work effectively in hospitals, outpatient care centers, and other major employers. These online courses include biology, anatomy, chemistry, and nursing informatics. You can also expect clinic hours or a nursing practicum designed to prepare students for required nursing license exams. With low unemployment statistics and great income potential, a nursing career is one of the best opportunities in modern healthcare.

Information Technology

Online degrees in information technology offer a wealth of training for work across a number of industries. Job opportunities for graduates with information technology degrees include software programming, information security management, computer network administration, and mobile or website development. Because technology is now an indispensable part of modern life, information technology professionals have outstanding employment prospects for years to come. Information technology degree programs include courses in computer science, programming, and database administration. Certified programs also have great electives to customize your schooling to match your career goals.

Business Administration

Business administration online degree programs offer stellar training for career advancement in the real world. Business administration undergraduate and graduate degrees remain among the most popular online programs due to the leadership training they provide that can enhance virtually any career. An accredited business administration degree program typically includes courses in accounting or finance, operations management, marketing, research methods, and communications. Potential career paths are limitless, including small business management, consulting, marketing, banking, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. Successful graduates can even work their way to executive roles in major companies, resulting in outstanding income compensation.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice online college degrees are among the most relevant courses of study in modern life. In a criminal justice degree program, students receive training applicable to a variety of exciting career fields, such as forensic science, crime scene investigation, courtrooms, or prison and probation officer work. Rapidly growing career opportunities also include homeland security, cyber crime, and private investigation. Accredited online criminal justice programs include coursework in political science, law, psychology, administration, and information management. Criminal justice students often complete internships to prepare for careers at the local, state, federal, or international level.

With a variety of opportunities available, online college degrees allow you to advance your career without disrupting your life. With easy course access and small class sizes, these programs provide direct training in your subject area of choice. Choose a convenient online college degree program to establish yourself as an leader in your field.

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