5 Most Popular Online Master’s Degrees

Students who have a bachelor’s degree and want to increase their earning power can do so with a master’s degree. While there are hundreds of choices and specialties within fields, several options stand above the rest for various reasons. These are the five most popular online master’s degrees in the United States.

1. Business Administration

An MBA degree opens a wide range of opportunities from marketing to international business trade. According to Fortune Magazine, MBA degrees are now the most popular choice for graduates. MBA degrees have been in existence for nearly 115 years. This degree path earns the top spot because it is a highly coveted distinction among employers and it offers students the best return on investment. In a world where jobs are hard to find, an MBA graduate is very likely to find a job immediately after graduation. The average pay of $100,000 annually for MBAs is also an attractive benefit.

2. Nursing

As the population continues to grow, the demand for nurses is increasing. Many registered nurses (RNs) move on to earn their bachelor’s degree and decide to seek a master’s degree afterward. With an average salary of $75,000 per year, nurses who hold a master’s degree can work in hospitals, in administrative positions and in home health care. Most positions require a lot of paperwork. Management positions also give nurses the opportunity to mentor RNs and other nursing staff. Concentrations in gerontology and nursing administration are popular choices.

3. Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice has been growing rapidly in popularity during the past decade. Graduates of bachelor’s degree programs only need to complete another year or two of studies to earn a master’s degree. For those who have undergraduate degrees in computer science or a similar field, there are high-paying job opportunities available with the FBI or DHS after graduating from a master’s program for criminal justice. People who want to become crime scene investigators, legal analysts and forensic scientists can benefit from this degree path. The average annual pay for graduates with this degree is about $60,000.

4. Education

Education is one of the top 10 majors in the world. Elementary education is one of the most popular areas of focus for a master’s degree in education. By the year 2020, public schools are expected to add about 250,000 new teachers. This fast-growing profession is popular among people who want to be mentors and help children, teens or college students achieve their dreams. While a bachelor’s degree in education is a great milestone, a master’s degree may be required for some teaching positions in elementary, middle or high schools. However, a doctorate degree is required for some college teaching positions. Pay varies greatly by state and school but usually affords graduates a comfortable living.

5. Psychology

A master’s degree in psychology can serve as a way to gain employment in a field where graduates work with people. Clinical counseling is a popular concentration but requires extra courses that lengthen the time required to earn a master’s degree. However, it is the strongest degree choice for people who want to be counselors. The best part about earning an MS or MA in psychology is the opportunity to work in nearly any field. From criminal justice and law to marketing and health care, psychology graduates hold many positions. They may be HR representatives, mediators or administrative personnel.

Graduate degrees give people the benefit of expansive knowledge and beef up their resumes. Earning one of the top five most popular online master’s degrees gives students the key to many doors of success.

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