5 Popular Associate’s Degrees You Should Earn Online

If you are looking for a career change or personal growth, you can improve your prospects by pursuing a rewarding and popular associate’s degree online. Distance learning makes lucrative career fields attainable. The following list provides an overview of some careers for which you can receive instruction online.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

The law can be complex, and each case presents its own set of individual circumstances. To fully prepare their cases, lawyers often rely on the support provided by a paralegal or legal assistant. These professionals help lawyers conduct research, draft legal documents and file paperwork at the appropriate courthouse. This growing career field can be found within numerous organizations throughout the world. While earning their degrees, students study coursework in legal topics like contracts, wills and real estate as they develop skills in writing, research and managing a law office. Students may also obtain real world experience through an internship.

Associates in Business Administration

Business administration is another popular associate’s degree to earn online. It enables you to prepare for or advance your career in the business world. It provides you with a comprehensive understanding of interpersonal skills, critical thinking, project planning and management principles. Students take courses in business topics like accounting, marketing and business law as well as communications, human resources and operations management. Other areas of study include logistics, supply chain management and technology integration. In addition to laying the foundation for a four-year bachelor’s degree, an associate’s in business can build the skills and educational background necessary for entry-level positions.

Medical Billing and Coding

Health care is one of the fastest growing career fields in the United States. It takes a wide range of professionals to keep various organizations functioning properly. Medical coding and billing specialists are one of these important positions. In order to stay in business, the organization needs to receive payment for the services that it renders. Coding and billing specialists ensure that the organization receives the fees that it has earned. While an associate’s degree may not be required, it is often highly recommended and may be the education and training factor that makes a difference between two job applicants.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Nurses provide patient care in doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities. According to the Department of Labor, the need for registered and licensed practical nurses is expected to grow faster than the average for other occupations. An associate’s degree can be one of your first steps toward meeting the qualifications to become a nurse. You will take courses in areas like anatomy, physiology and biology as well as chemistry, psychology and social work. The required coursework also includes supervised clinical experience. Earning an associate’s degree online will help provide the educational background required to pass licensing examinations.

Associate Degree in Applied Science in Computers or Information Technology

Technology is an integral part of everyday life. If you have an interest in technology, you can use a computer to earn a popular technology-related associate’s degree online in as little as 12 months. You will study areas like coding, managing networks and developing software applications as well as troubleshooting hardware and software issues. You will also learn many of the popular programming languages as you study for career fields like web development. The degree will enable you to use your creativity and resourcefulness to solve problems. An associate’s degree will help you get started in this rapidly growing industry.

Distance education helps individuals balance work, family and school. In a fast-paced economy, you can further your career and control your life by earning your associate’s degree online.

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