5 Qualities of a Good Online Master’s Degree Program

Choosing to continue your education is a weighty decision that should be taken seriously. The additional time and money spent obtaining a master’s degree can be an overwhelming task, but it can also carry many benefits that will reward you richly in life. With an increasing number of schools and universities offering online master’s degree programs, the option of seeking a higher degree is available to more people than ever before. If you’ve been considering an online master’s degree program, you may have wondered what qualities to look for to ensure you get a program and education of the highest quality. The following are five important qualities to look for in online master’s degree programs.

1. Accreditation

Accreditation is a measure of analyzing a school’s specific standards when it comes to the academic coursework provided. Somewhat like a proud stamp of approval, an accreditation linked to a specific school lets you know that the coursework offered meets strict guidelines and criteria. It also lets future employers know that this potential employee’s education was earned from a school with an excellent reputation, making them preferred employees who will be ideally prepared for their role. Potential students should do their due diligence to ensure that a school or university’s accreditation is up to par and legitimate before deciding to work with them to obtain a degree. Accreditation is a sure sign of a good online master’s degree program.

2. Flexibility

The reason many students make arrangements to seek an online education is for the sake of convenience and flexibility. Busy college students today often take on the task of earning an additional degree at the same time they are dealing with family and work-related responsibilities. However, you need to ensure that you will have continual access to all resource materials, subject matter, study guides, testing, and computer programs. It won’t benefit you in terms of flexibility if these items are only accessible certain days of the week or for a specific amount of time.


One of the benefits of attending class in a regular setting is that you have immediate access to the professor or person guiding the class to succeed. You can immediately ask questions or gain insight as needed. Another quality of a reputable online master’s degree program is access to and the support of faculty who can assist you with problems or questions as they arise.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Just the same as with any brick and mortar school, you will also want to ensure the curriculum you are pursuing is complete and offers everything you will need to seek proper employment in your desired field. Compare what is being offered online in terms of coursework with what similar types of on campus programs provide to ensure you are getting the best education possible.

Transferring of Credits

If you have already begun seeking your master’s degree in a traditional classroom setting, you will want to be sure your existing credits are transferrable. It would be a shame to lose precious time retaking necessary coursework if you could just transfer those credits over. A good online master’s degree program will analyze your existing credits and identify which are transferable and tell you how to properly transfer them for credit to their program.

There are many important factors to keep in mind when considering the option to obtain a master’s degree online . The fact remains that many of today’s graduate students are balancing significant family and career responsibilities while seeking a higher level of education to improve their current situation and expand their employment options. Seeking an online master’s degree can be one way that busy students can continue their education while still keeping up with the modern demands placed on them. However, an online master’s degree is only as good as the program itself. To ensure a high-quality degree with the most advanced options possible, keep in mind the above-mentioned five qualities that excellent master’s degree programs possess.

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