5 Reasons to Choose a Bachelor’s Degree over an Associate’s Degree

If you’re just getting started with your post-secondary academic career, you may be wondering if you should choose a bachelor’s degree over an associate’s degree. Although there are certainly reasons to settle for an associate’s degree, many students experience greater success and are able to achieve their professional goals more quickly by pursuing a bachelor’s degree over an associate’s degree. If you’re still on the fence about which path to go down, careful consideration of a few different factors may help you decide.

More Options for Specialization

If you already have a solid idea of the career path you’d like to pursue, you’ll have more options to become qualified by choosing a bachelor’s degree over an associate’s degree. Four-year programs have greater resources to invest in their students in terms of both time and money, allowing universities to develop and offer specialized programs that might be beyond the scope of an associate’s degree. For example, if you want to go into business, an associate’s degree in business will be limited to basic concepts. A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, will offer multiple areas of specialization, such as international business or operational logistics.

Better Career Options

Although some careers may only require an associate’s degree, more and more entry-level jobs look for candidates who possess a bachelor’s degree. When applying for jobs, your bachelor’s degree will hold more weight with prospective employers, allowing you to qualify for more jobs with less experience. In addition, workers who possess a bachelor’s degree can often command a higher salary over those with an associate’s degree. Finally, the skills and experiences you gain while earning your bachelor’s degree transfer to a wider range of jobs, even outside of your chosen specialty. For many students, these improved career options provide some of the best reasons to choose a bachelor’s degree over an associate’s degree.

Deeper Study

When you earn an associate’s degree, you often only have time to complete your general requirements and begin scratching the surface of a subject before earning your degree. The extra two years afforded by a bachelor’s degree allow you to delve much deeper into your preferred field of study. You can take additional courses to deepen your knowledge of your major, and you can pair additional courses outside of your field of study to earn a minor and supplement your knowledge.

Dedicated College Experience

Students pursuing an associate’s degree often live off-campus and attend classes around their work schedule. While at a four-year university, you may be able to live on campus and experience the rare opportunity of devoting your life to learning. Independence mingles with increased responsibilities, allowing you to build a sense of camaraderie with your fellow students and form friendships that may last for a lifetime. The increased social and networking opportunities provided by living on campus are a compelling reason for many students to choose a bachelor’s degree over an associate’s degree.

More Stability

When you earn a bachelor’s degree, you’ll likely stay put in one location over the entire four-year duration of your schooling. In contrast, you may find yourself moving on after only two years when you earn an associate’s degree, either to pursue employment or to complete a four-year degree. You’ll have to rebuild your friendships, acquaint yourself with a new environment, and start building a network of professional and academic contacts from scratch.

Although there is no universally correct answer as to which type of degree to pursue, there are definite advantages to pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Increased stability and better career options are just some of the top reasons to choose a bachelor’s degree over an associate’s degree.

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