5 Reasons to Earn Your Master’s Degree Online

While some people can become successful without a master’s degree, an education certainly makes it easier to find a high-paying job. By getting a master’s degree online, students can increase their attractiveness to potential employers and gain a better salary. In addition, the degree can also help students grow as individuals and employees. Take a look at five compelling reasons why many are turning to the online environment to earn their master’s degree.

1. Students Can Enjoy Better Employment Opportunities

According to U.S. News, one of the best reasons to get a master’s degree is to enjoy better career prospects. A few decades ago, a bachelor’s degree was enough to get a rewarding career in public affairs, business, social services and other fields. Now, many of the same industries are listing a master’s degree as a requirement. Since many people cannot afford to leave their jobs for school, an online master’s degree is a key way to gain additional educational qualifications while still garnering a paycheck. While any master’s degree can help further your career, an online master’s degree is the best way to have a flexible schedule while pursuing your education.

2. Get a Degree in a Shorter Amount of Time

Most master’s degree programs require several years to complete. Even if you try to speed up the program, you may find that class times clash with one another or your work schedule. A compelling reason for choosing an online degree is that it allows you to take as many classes as you can handle from home. You spend less time commuting, and this extra time can be used for studying. Depending on the online university, it is possible to finish your program in as little as 12 or 15 months.

3. Gain College Credit for Your Work Experience

After working for years in your industry, your knowledge and skills should be worth something. With an online program, you may be able to gain credits for your work experience. In addition, you can find internships and job shadowing opportunities that can boost your resume while providing additional college credits. Other than saving money on tuition, this will also help you decrease the amount of time that it takes to graduate.

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4. Earn More Money

Another reason many students choose to earn a master’s degree is because it allows them to earn more money. According to Forbes, a master’s degree in nurse anesthesia carries early career salaries of $140,000. By mid-career, individuals in this field earn a median wage of $156,000. Meanwhile, a master’s degree in computer science and engineering carries a mid-career wage of $134,000. Best of all, students can still work as they study. In addition to getting a degree for a high-paying job, students are also gaining work experience and internship experience outside of school.

5. Enjoy a Heightened Level of Convenience

One of the top reasons why students pursue a master’s degree online is because it is convenient. If you live far away from a university, you do not have to drive a long distance to class or move closer to the campus. In addition, late night owls can study at the time that suits them instead of waking up for an early class. Quizzes, lecture material and assignments can be reviewed on the student’s schedule. Whether you are a busy professional or juggling family responsibilities, an online degree gives you the flexibility and convenience that you need.

Getting a degree is the first step toward a rewarding career. By getting an additional degree, students increase their job prospects and gain the qualifications they need for a different career field. With a master’s degree online, students can enjoy an added level of convenience and flexible schedules.