5 Reasons to Finally Finish Your College Degree

Why You Should Return to School and Get That Degree

  • More Money
  • Less Chance of Unemployment
  • Mental Activity
  • Increase Your Social Network
  • You’ll Be Physically Healthier

Although you may be hesitant to return to college after being out of school for a significant period of time, these 5 reasons to finally finish your college degree will help you see that it is worth the hard work. Of course, the things holding you back do need to be considered and addressed, especially if you now have children or a job that is more inflexible than flexible, but you can make it happen. Consider returning on a part-time basis, taking evening classes, or even earning your degree online to make progress towards finishing your college degree.

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More Money

You have surely heard people say that after finally finishing their college degree, they ended up doing something that had no connection to their major. You must, however, balance that information with statistics that show that those with bachelor’s degrees make roughly twice as much as those without. Even if some college graduates don’t end up in the same field their degree was in, they had clearly learned general life and work skills that have proved valuable in their current line of work. Those hiring also tend to value a degree regardless of what it is in.

Less Chance of Unemployment

Not only will your chances of earning more money increase after you finally finish your college degree, but your odds of being hired at all go up as well. In December 2016, college graduates experienced an unemployment rate of just 2.5 percent. That was roughly half the unemployment figure of those who only possess a high school diploma. So, if you have been struggling with remaining employed, going back to college can be your path towards dramatically decreasing the amount of time you are unemployed.

Mental Activity

A non-monetary but very healthy benefit of going back to finish your college degree is being able to more actively engage your mind than may currently be the case. Classrooms and college campuses are great places for testing your mental skills in ways that may not be possible in other aspects of your life. You get to learn more about interesting topics, discuss your thoughts with others and hear what they have to say, which oftentimes results in seeing issues in ways you may not have considered before.

Increase Your Social Network

In the process of returning to college to finish your degree, you will meet a significant and varied group of people. Many will turn into friends and colleagues that may help you network as you look for employment post graduation. Classmates may know about jobs that would fit you. Professors may be able to help you get the position you always wanted. Bottom line, the people you meet when you go back to college will enrich your life in countless ways, financially and socially.

You’ll Be Physically Healthier

This may not be a direct result, but a study showed that college graduates have increased the chances that they will be able to maintain a healthy weight and avoid doing things like smoking. Those with degrees have been found to be more apt to exercise vigorously at least once a week than those without a degree. As a result of these factors, obesity rates were lower for these individuals as well.

It may not be easy to return to college after a period of time has passed since you last devoted your life to classwork. Hopefully these 5 reasons to finish your degree will help you gain the motivation you needed to return to school and make your degree a reality.