5 Signs an Associate’s Degree is Right for You

When you are continuing your education past high school, an associate’s degree may be the ideal choice. It is commonly part of a two-year program and can be a smart path for many people. College is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Certain individuals do not have the ability to receive a four-year degree. Here are five signs that an associate’s degree is right for you.

1. Career Specific Training

Most associate’s degree programs are useful for people who must train for a specific career. For instance, if you are pursuing a job in computer programming, you may need certain training that can be achieved with this type of education. Also, many courses in a two-year program offer hands-on training. Many individuals who are entering the healthcare industry will choose to receive an associate’s degree. Thanks to these degree programs, many nurses receive entry-level positions.

2. Unidentified Career Path

One of the biggest signs that an associate’s degree is right for you is that you have not identified a definite career path. There are certain cases where a person is not sure of a definite job, but an associate’s degree gives this individual a chance to finish general education courses that are the cornerstone of a four-year program. At the end of a two-year program, an individual can decide whether to pursue more education or to enter the workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for people with associate’s degrees has continuously decreased. In 2017, it was a 3.8 percent. The rate for people with only high school diplomas was 7.7 percent.

3. Flexibility in Schedule

Many times, a person must balance home and work life with education. Since it may be difficult to hold a job, run a family, and go to school, pursuing an associate’s degree will bring some needed flexibility to the picture. Most two-year programs cater to non-traditional students, which makes it easier to juggle life events. It is often possible to enroll part-time, take classes in the evenings, or to complete online courses.

4. Increased Earning Potential

If you currently have a job that receives pay that is based on education, earning an associate’s degree may be worth the consideration, especially if you only hold a high school diploma. Adding college courses to your resume may help you boost your salary. Also, it may be a way to earn a promotion with your present employer. In other instances, earning this type of degree may supply necessary training that will open other opportunities. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, individuals who hold associate’s degrees average $120 more per week in their salaries than high school students.

5. Time is an Issue

Not everyone can make a four-year commitment to pursue a bachelor’s degree. If this describes your life situation, you may be an ideal candidate to complete an associate’s degree. It requires less time, and you still earn college credit. If you work diligently, you may be able to complete a program in approximately 17 months. An associate’s degree is a smart idea for a person who needs to provide income for his or her family or for a person who has been laid off from his or her job. It sets the groundwork for continued education down the road.

Many people choose to go to a four-year college after high school. However, each person must decide what type of degree program to select. If you require flexibility, need specific job training, or are not sure what career path to follow, pursuing an associate’s degree may be a wise decision.

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