5 Signs You are Ready to Earn Your Master’s Degree

Choosing to undertake a master’s degree program is a momentous decision. It can be fraught with tension, anxiety, and even depression, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding and exhilarating endeavor. Here are five signs you are ready to earn your master’s degree.

1. You Want to Grow

Going to school for a master’s degree should never be an escape plan. If what you genuinely want to do is engage in professional and academic growth, this is a good indicator that you’re ready for a master’s degree program. Dedication and drive within your chosen field is an absolute must for success in a master’s degree program, and if you are looking to challenge yourself and expand your horizons within your field, attending graduate school will very likely be a good choice for you.

2. You Are Open

Engaging in a long term and in-depth study of any field requires a willingness to be receptive to new ideas and an ability to dismantle old ways of thinking about your subject matter. Graduate level studies are intense and require you to broaden your perspective significantly on your chosen field. You’ll often find that these new ways of thinking begin to creep into every other area of your life. If this sounds like you, this is a good sign you’re ready for graduate school.

3. You’re Competitive

Academia is extremely competitive, especially at the graduate and post-graduate levels. If you are a dedicated scholar with a serious competitive streak, and you’re not mean-spirited about it, this is another sign that you’re ready for a master’s degree program. Being driven and competitive without being a sore loser (or a sore winner, for that matter) will not only earn you accolades but good references later from your instructors and potentially your peers, which will be your ticket to success once you’ve completed your master’s studies.

4. You Work Well Alone

Success in a master’s degree program requires many long hours of individual and intense study and research. Being a person who works well alone will lend success to your endeavors in a master’s program, as there are far fewer group or team projects, generally speaking, than you might have dealt with during your undergraduate studies. If you’re the kind of person to slip on headphones, spin some Mozart, and delve into hours of intense study by yourself, then you are probably ready for graduate school.

5. Your Field Requires It

If you work in a field that requires a master’s degree to advance, then by all means undertake your master’s studies, particularly if you possess the aforementioned qualities. The fact that you undertook an undergraduate degree in your chosen field, and finished it, indicates a strong passion for what you do. You will find that this same passion will fuel you in completing a master’s degree and also help you advance your career.

Many qualities go into making a good scholar, and into making a person who is ready to tackle the undertaking of a master’s degree. If you have some or all of these traits, you are probably very well prepared for master’s studies and subsequent success.

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