5 Sources of Scholarships for Art Students

Being an art major is often a combination of creativity, skill and passion. Art students are creative thinkers with talents for turning their thoughts and feelings into impressive artwork. Scholarships for their college education can help these students achieve their dreams of turning their skills and passions into a career. Because of the variety of possibilities in the field of art, there are equally diverse sources of scholarships for art majors.

1. Professional Organizations

As with most other occupations, there are many professional organizations designed for and populated by artists. Many of these groups also offer scholarship opportunities for future artists who may be interested in joining their ranks in the future. Groups such as the National Art Education Association, The Broadway League and the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture have all given some forms of scholarships over the past several years, and these are just a few of the possibilities. Students who have focused on one particular art form as a major will be able to find even more professional organizations that may offer exclusive scholarships for art majors.

2. Civic Groups and Charitable Trusts

Like professional organizations, there are some civic groups and charitable trusts that provide scholarship opportunities to art majors. National groups like The Pew Charitable Trusts and the National Endowment for the Arts often provide monetary awards to deserving students. Many of these are local groups and trusts named for individuals who enjoyed helping the arts and the students who wanted to be a part of it. Checking at a local museum or with a local arts group could provide sources like these for scholarships.

3. Art Contests

Participating in and winning art contests is another method of scholarship for many art majors. Using their passion and talent for artistic creation, many students are able to receive scholarship funds from contests such as Duck Brand’s Stuck at Prom contest, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. These, along with many others, are national art contests with strong competition; however, there are often local contests that can yield scholarship money as well. Local art shows, craft shows and fairs frequently offer these types of opportunities for a wide variety of different artistic mediums.

4. Major Corporations

Major corporations at the national and international levels offer scholarships to students each year. Many of these companies have foundations that make money available, and others offer the awards from the corporations. Many businesses, such as Burger King and Target, allow students of any major to apply. Art students, therefore, have just as much chance at winning a scholarship from Pepsi, Google or Kentucky Fried Chicken as students of any other major. These awards are often competitive, but they also yield some of the highest amounts of any scholarship source.

5. The Military

Art majors could also consider joining the active military or reserves during their college education. By committing a few years of their lives to a respective branch of the military, these students can receive scholarships that pay for most, if not all, of their higher educations. While many students do not think of military members as being art students, there is no reason that an art student cannot take advantage of this financial opportunity. In fact, there are art institutes that offer additional tuition scholarships to students who have been part of either active or inactive duty during their college years.

There are many sources of financial aid and scholarships available to students who decide to major in art. Through a little investigation, hard work and applications to these companies or contests, art majors will be able to pay for their college education more easily.

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