5 Tips for Getting Accepted to the School of Your Dreams

5 Tips for Getting Accepted to the School of Your DreamsYou’ve probably heard stories about well-qualified college applicants who were not accepted to the university they hoped to attend. The best schools are very selective because they have an overwhelming number of students applying for admission. It’s important to show your pedigree early so that you can earn acceptance to a school that will provide a meaningful educational experience and position you for success after you graduate. Here are five tips to help you get noticed and accepted.

1. Get References

Ask your favorite teachers for letters of recommendation. Don’t get a letter from every teacher. Only ask for a letter from the teachers that are likely to give you a glowing reference and make you sound like a diligent, hard-working, serious pupil. Colleges are impressed by personalized, passionate letters. They are less impressed by generic cookie-cutter missives. Be sure to get a letter from teachers who taught a class that will weigh heavily in your upcoming major course of study. If you want to be a journalist, get a reference letter from the supervisor of the school newspaper or the English composition professor.

2. Participate

Immerse yourself in your school’s extracurricular activities. Join as many clubs as you can. Run for student council. Play sports. Act in the high school musical. Good grades and high scores on placement tests are important, but regular and frequent participation in clubs shows that you are social and are able to get along with other students. If you’re directly competing with someone who has the same grades as you, extracurricular ventures could tip the scales in your direction. As an added benefit, you’ll have fun and meet people you might not meet if you didn’t get involved.

3. Take Difficult Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) courses show that you took your high school years seriously. At some schools, if you score well on college placement tests, you can even get college credit for your AP classes. That will not only save you money on your tuition, it will show that you are mature enough to handle college level coursework. You don’t have to be an “A” student if you’re taking AP classes. Just the fact that you’re willing to work hard will impress a college’s admissions office.

4. Apply Early

If you’re absolutely positive that you want to attend a certain school, apply sooner rather than later. Early applicants have a decided advantage. They are referred to as Early Action/Early Admission applicants. They not only get first consideration for admission, they also have a better chance at getting scholarships and the best housing. If you’re ready to commit to the school of your choice, you should go for it if your GPA is high enough.

5. Get Work Experience

Become an intern during the summers. Experience in a real-world work environment is great for your resume. Ask your guidance counselor, or check around to see if any local companies or charitable organizations regularly permit high school students to intern for them. If you’re unable to find an internship through your school, pick out a few companies and approach them directly. Don’t expect to get paid much, if at all. Your payment will come from being able to get a reference from a firm that is involved in your upcoming major field of study.

It takes determination to get accepted to your dream school. The best way to succeed is to be proactive and plan ahead. For more tips, visit teen advice sites.