5 Unusual Degrees You Can Earn Online

Not So Ordinary Degrees That You Can Earn Online

  • Aeronautics Degree
  • Integrative Health Degree
  • Economic Crime Investigation Degree
  • Packing Science Degree
  • Fire and Engineering Science Administration Degree

More and more individuals are seeking higher education outside of conventional classrooms and are pursuing online degrees. Thanks to the convenience of off-site learning, it is becoming a great way for students to graduate. Although it is possible to complete common degrees in education, nursing, and business fields, there are some less popular online degree options as well. Here are five examples that may be of interest.

1. Aeronautics Degree

The aviation industry is in desperate need of educated pilots. In the past, a person would only receive an aeronautics degree if he or she was part of the military or regional airlines and was in need of academic training. Today, it is possible for any pilot to obtain this degree. Classes are diverse, and pilot concepts like multi-engine theory and high-speed aeronautics are covered. Aviation weather is discussed as well.

2. Integrative Health Degree

Although jobs in the healthcare industry are always in high demand, certain people are looking for ways to help people through holistic methods. Individuals who are interested in alternative and more natural treatments should consider obtaining an online degree in this unusual field. Taking this path is smart for people who do not qualify to complete an administrative health degree. Since most traditional universities fail to offer this degree option, having the opportunity to earn certification online is a bonus. After graduation, a person may work as a teacher in a facility that steers patients in the direction of alternative healthcare choices.

3. Economic Crime Investigation Degree

When a person has an interest in finance and is good at math, especially statistics, this unusual online degree may be a smart option. After graduating, an individual will understand how to properly interpret financial documents and identify fraudulent acts, including money laundering and Ponzi schemes. This field is perfect for a student who has considered a career in criminal justice as well. Since many law enforcement agencies need help detecting illegal acts that involve money, this field is sure to experience a high demand for employment.

4. Packing Science Degree

Even though packing boxes seems simple, this degree delves deeper into the development and delivery of packages. It is not uncommon for people to break into boxes or containers. This degree covers ways to keep packages safe from tampering. Also, students explore the development of packages from the raw material stage to recycling. Design, marketing, distribution, and transportation are discussed as well.

5. Fire and Emergency Services Administration Degree

A number of fire departments, especially in larger cities, are requiring fire chiefs to obtain higher education and degrees. Since these professionals must continue to work and serve their communities, online education is an excellent option. This type of unusual online degree complements knowledge of fire science technology and the physical skills needed to fight fires. It deals with management and administrative topics that are frequent in the emergency response field.

Most people today are familiar with online college degrees. A high number of colleges offer classes in a variety of fields and make it more convenient than a conventional college environment. The above five unusual degrees can be earned online and may be smart options for individuals who like to think outside of the box.

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