5 Ways to Balance Work and Earning Your Master’s Degree Online

If you’re working while trying to finish graduate school, you need to adopt effective ways to balance work and earning your master’s degree online. Staying on the job while working through your master’s degree can help reduce the cost of schooling, but it’s important to maintain appropriate balance so that you can successfully complete your schooling while keeping your job performance high. Working with your employer, scheduling your time effectively, and remaining disciplined can help you balance work and schooling without going insane.

1. Talk to Your Employer for Solutions

If you have a good relationship with your employer, consider talking to him or her about your online master’s program. Explaining your situation ahead of time can help your employer understand scheduling conflicts that may arise during your program. Although you can’t expect your employer to give you unlimited flexibility, she may be willing to help you come up with scheduling solutions that make balancing work and earning your master’s degree online easier. Switching shifts with a coworker to avoid bad commute times, for example, can help you have more time for your homework.

2. Make the Most of Downtime

Making good use of your downtime at work and on the commute is a good way to help you balance work and earning your online master’s degree. Instead of browsing Facebook during your lunch, spend a few minutes studying for an upcoming test. During your breaks at work, you can read more class material. Your commute to and from work is also a good place to sneak in more study. If you commute via public transportation, you can read course materials or study flashcards. If you drive yourself to work, listening to relevant audiobooks can help you learn more about your program’s subject.

3. Improve Your Time Management Skills

Managing your time well when you’re not at work can help you breeze through your studies so that you feel less stressed when it’s time to go to work. Start off each semester strong with a plan to make the most of your time; go through your syllabus carefully and draw up a schedule to ensure that you get enough time to study each day. Try to avoid distractions when you’re studying at home. Creating a secluded workspace, for example, can help you avoid social distractions.

4. Schedule Time Off for Big Deadlines

Taking time off work for important deadlines can help boost your success in your master’s program. When you get a hold of the semester’s schedule, look through it carefully so that you can talk to your supervisor early about taking some time off later in the semester. Taking the day off before a final exam, for example, will let you dedicate that day to your studies so you can do your best without feeling stressed by work.

5. Take Breaks to Avoid Burnout

Feeling frazzled and overworked can negatively impact your performance on your job and your ability to complete your studies. Taking breaks can help you clear your mind and take a mental rest from the hard work of school and full-time employment. While you probably won’t have plentiful time to spend on your hobbies, spending a few minutes each day doing something you enjoy can give you the break you need to keep balancing work and earning your master’s degree online.

Keeping a full-time job while working through a master’s program is not easy, especially if you don’t handle stress well. Fortunately, you can make the ordeal easier by adopting a few ways to balance work and earning your master’s degree online.

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