Five Essential Apps for Freshmen in College

 Five Essential Apps for Freshmen in College
By the time a new student arrives at campus, countless hours have been spent preparing for life in college. Today’s college students are armed with more technology than ever to survive college life. Software developers have created numerous apps for not just surviving but thriving in college. Below are five essential apps for freshmen in college.

1. Chegg’s Services

Established in 2005, Chegg developed an app that gives students the ability to rent digital versions of textbooks, and when a user chooses a book, the individual can utilize the text for seven days for free. The app also has a large number of flashcards and provides more than 2.5 million step-by-step solutions for problems that are related to science, mathematics, engineering and business.

Chegg allows pupils to post questions that will be automatically sent to thousands of experts. Generally, members of the community will answer a question within two hours.

Currently, students can download the app for free. If users want to access detailed tutorials, they may subscribe to the lessons for a monthly price of $9.95. According to numerous analyses, Chegg can allow pupils to reduce the yearly costs of using textbooks by more than 90 percent.

2. Note Everything

By using this app, students can access all of a mobile device’s files and save notes that have been added to other applications. When using Note Everything, a pupil may search for specific keywords, create new folders and simultaneously modify multiple notes. Students are also able to create notes that solely consist of images and audio, and users may easily add attachments, change a note’s font, combine various lists and place links in notes.

As a free app, Note Everything is designed for devices that use Android. Customers may also select an updated version that has a cost of $3.99. The newer app lets students request reminders, and the upgraded application can automatically create backups of all files that contain notes.


This software program offers definitions for more than 2.1 million words and many of their audio pronunciations. The app also features a thesaurus and has a translator that is compatible with more than 30 languages. Moreover, the website’s application helps students to learn new words every day, and the software offers answers for crossword puzzles and allows users to play numerous custom games.

The app is free, yet if pupils download an upgraded version that has crossword puzzles and thousands of examples, the cutting-edge application has a price of $3.99.’s software program is currently the most popular app in its category, and more than 570,000 individuals have given the application an excellent rating.

4. Clear

Mental Health America lists one of the top ten freshmen year issues as organization. Clear helps alleviate this issue by giving students the ability to develop detailed lists of various tasks. Users can create a custom theme for each checklist, easily set deadlines and add notes to every task. Furthermore, users can modify the priority of each assignment, and students may request reminders that can be linked to ringtones or cause a phone to vibrate.

The software is compatible with Android and Apple’s operating system, and so far, more than 2.5 million individuals have downloaded Clear. According to one detailed report, more than 92 percent of users who reviewed the app indicated that the software is particularly helpful.


This cutting-edge software program helps pupils to learn a wide array of languages, and some of these include Portuguese, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian and Russian. The application allows students to play games and encourages pupils to create sentences. Users may also listen to audio in a foreign language, and the software can evaluate and critique the pronunciation of learners.

When a user is completing a lesson, the app grades the student’s answers instantaneously, and pupils receive a digital heart for each correct answer. Moreover, Duolingo can automatically determine the number of consecutive days during which a user has practiced a language.

The right apps can make some of the challenges of freshmen year a little less daunting. Prepare for a successful year by investing in apps that work.