Five Highest-Paying Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree

With the right bachelor’s degree, your career opportunities are practically endless. By furthering your education, you’ll have a shot at a high-paying job. You’ll also gain the educational chops to excel once you reach the workforce. Five of the highest-paying jobs with bachelor’s degrees include:

• Cloud Architect
• Medical and Health Services Manager
• Engineer
• Applied Mathematician
• Actuary

Cloud Architect

Technology is always a top contender when it comes to high-paying jobs. With more and more businesses moving their operations to the cloud, this is a lucrative field to enter. Cloud architects design cloud-based solutions for companies. This may include the foundation, general operations and services of a business. As an architect, you may be required to oversee cloud infrastructure and ensure that private and public clouds work together properly. In this field, you’ll make sure that a company’s services feature high availability, fault tolerance and scalability. You’ll also need a basic knowledge of enterprise architecture as well as the skill to configure information technology according to the needs of a business.

Medical and Health Services Manager

While this may not always be a good thing, medical care is a business, and just like regular businesses, healthcare-based corporations require skilled managers. A manager of medical and health services is one of the five best-paying jobs that’s available with a bachelor’s degree. If you enter the field, then you’ll likely be in charge of a particular department. You could also manage a facility or a service system. The median annual salary for the managers of medical facilities is around $95,000 while the field’s growth is expected to expand by 16 percent.


When it comes to high-paying jobs, few pay as well as those that are in the engineering field. If you get your bachelor’s degree in nuclear, petroleum, electronics or chemical engineering, then you can expect to start your career making $65,000 to $100,000 a year. Once you reach the midpoint of your career, you should be earning from $115,000 to $168,000 annually. As an engineer, it will be up to you to use math and science to develop economic solutions to problems that are mainly technical. If you enter this line of work, consider getting your professional engineering license. You’ll make even more money if you do.

Applied Mathematician

The career field of applied mathematics is renowned for its high pay. In fact, if you become an applied mathematician, you’ll have one of the five highest-paying jobs that you can get with your bachelor’s degree. With a starting salary of around $56,000, you’ll enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in most cities. Once you reach a midpoint in your career, you should be making about $100,000 annually. According to statistics, approximately 95 percent of those who have a math degree are employed. Government agencies and private corporations hire applied mathematicians as do consulting firms and companies that provide financial services.


Actuaries manage risks for businesses and the government. Working with statistics, financial theory and mathematics, actuaries will estimate the risk that an event will occur. Actuaries most often work with insurance companies but also are hired by private companies, the government, and as consultants. In addition to helping companies know how much money to set aside for future claims, actuaries also can help companies create pension and healthcare plans. This top-paying job requires a bachelor’s degree. Predicted growth in this line of work is 18 percent while the median salary is around $97,000.

Securing Your Future

When it comes to the five-highest paying jobs that you can get with a bachelor’s degree, the list is expansive and diverse. Not only will you be able to enter a career field you like, but you will also have the opportunity to earn a high salary.

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