Five Surprising Reasons to Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

If you are considering earning your bachelor’s degree online, you already know about many of the benefits of online learning. When you earn a degree online, you can attend lectures while wearing your pajamas. If you have a family and a full-time job, online learning gives you an excellent chance to strike a balance between school and your other commitments. Did you know, though, that opting for an online degree may actually improve the likelihood of a good educational outcome? Read on to learn more about this and other surprising reasons to earn your degree online.

Reduce the Cost of Your Education

Earning a degree online may not lower your tuition compared to the cost of attending classes in person. Although an online student is less of a strain on a university’s resources, the costs associated with producing and distributing online courses may be quite high. However, studying online can reduce your educational expenses in other ways. If you live with your parents, you can study online without paying fees for room and board. If you work while earning a degree online, you’ll earn more money than most students who attend classes in person because you’ll have more time to work. You also won’t have to worry about commuting expenses.

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Quality of the Education May Be Higher

According to a 2009 Department of Education study, the quality of the education that you’ll receive as an online student is very slightly, but measurably, higher than what you would receive if you physically attended the university. Professional educators agree. According to a 2006 publication jointly produced by several research groups, 57 percent of chief academic officers believe that the typical outcome in online learning is as good as, or better than, that of attending classes in person.

The Degree Is the Same

Are you considering earning a bachelor’s degree from a university that offers both online and in-person classes? You’ll be glad to know that whether you attend your classes online or offline, the degree is exactly the same. You’ll learn the same material and do the same work as a student who attends classes in person. Your degree will not include a note stating that you completed your classes online; it’ll look exactly the same as any other degree from the same university.

You May Earn Your Degree More Quickly

In some cases, earning a degree online is a faster process than earning the same degree in person. If the degree that you want isn’t a liberal arts degree, the university may omit certain courses that don’t relate directly to your field of study. Even if the university doesn’t omit unnecessary courses for online students, you may still earn your degree more quickly because you can take many classes at your own pace. If you have the time to plow through a course and complete it quickly, you can do so.

Your Employer May Promote You

If you work while earning your bachelor’s degree online, your employer may promote you or give you a raise when you receive the degree. Many employers have programs in place to incentivize continued education. Ask your employer’s human resources department for more information.

Online Learning Has Many Benefits

The fact that the busiest people can find room in their lives to return to school is one of the greatest benefits of online learning, but it is far from the only benefit. Attending classes online can lower the cost of your education and help you strike a good work-life balance. Opting for online education may even improve your chance of receiving good grades. Considering the many benefits of online learning, it’s no wonder that more students than ever are opting to earn their bachelor’s degrees online.