Technology You


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Technology You

To make it in today’s colleges, tech skills are necessary.

Only 25 percent of U.S. public high school graduates have the skills needed to succeed in college. -The Gates Foundation

Technology today can help.

250 Years Ago…

In the colonies: Any kind of school supply was scarce,
• Paper was very rare. Students instead wrote on wood, called hornbooks
• Slate pencils to use on slate tablets


7 ½: average number of hours school-age kids spend in front of TV, computer, smartphone, or other digital device.

Experts say you’ll need these basics entering college:
• Typing ability
• Online etiquette skills
• Software suite basics
• Online research chops
• Privacy and security awareness

Today: Tech Makes All the Difference: :

73: percentage of college students (surveyed) said they need technology to study
No more paper. 70% of students use keyboards to take notes.
91: percentage of students who use email to communicate with professors
98: percent of students read etextbooks
38: percent of students couldn’t go 10 minutes before needing to check their mobile devices, tablets

Out with the Old — In with the New

Phones —> Skype
note cards —> Evernote Peek
Voice recorder —> Snoozerr Recordings
Campus planner —> Wunderlist

Why YOU Need to be Digital in School:

81% of teachers believe tablets enhance learning
89% of universities offer online courses
60% of students say it’s important to have an online forum in order to talk to other students

What teachers say about the importance of digital technology:

What to pack in your virtual (or real) backpack: :

• iRobot Mini Scooba 230: cleans bathroom floors
• Gadget Trak: tracks lost or stolen devices
• Netflix
• Dropbox: protects your digital files from crashed hard drives, frozen computers, and misplaced flash drives.
• iPhone case/charger
• Single Serve Coffee Maker: Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System
• Note-Taking iPad Apps
• Water Powered Alarm Clock
• Laptop lock
• Solar Polar Backpack: The Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack is capable of of charging phones, tablets, GPS systems, cameras, and handheld game devices.
• Laptop case
• Kno iPad App for digital textbooks
• USB flash drive
• Cooling pad for “hot” laptops
• Webcam

Smart Clothes: You Are What You Wear (wearable technology):
$5.8 billion: expected market for wearable technology by 2018

5 Cool Ideas for your future wardrobe

• Twitter dress: gown had 2,000 LED lights that displayed incoming tweets in real time.
• Logbar Ring: electronics in the ring recognize your finger gestures and control any number of devices.
• Interactive T-shirts
• USB Necklace and Cufflinks
• Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and Google Glasses


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